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Shaping future of banking, payment, finance and insurance through tech, data and methodology.

Who we are

We believe in innovation, open-banking, data and technology. We find new paths, follow agile principles and lean startup methods and aim to share this culture with our clients. KI finance is member of KI group, located in Cologne, Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich and Lisbon.

What we do

We create innovative and technically challenging solutions and products for our prominent clients and help them to transform themselves in what we call a “technology and data enabled financial organization”. Together with our strong ecosystem of partners, investments, stakeholders and mentors, we monitor global business and technology trends and evaluate the most promising topics for our clients.

Digitization efforts without cultural change from inside are futile. In collaboration with our customers, we onboard the teams with our methods, and start developing solutions together with internal teams.


Product Development

We use principles of Design Thinking, Customer centric design, Agile software development to build software and business solutions in continuous iterations, be it banking platforms or voice interfaces.

Trends & Innovation

We leverage our expertise, network and technological insights to permanently know what is most relevant for our clients. Be it strategic shifts in ecosystems, platforms and monopolization of client relationship. Be it PSD2, Access-to-account, Mobile and Voice services or be it new business models for banking and insurances.

Technology & Infrastructure

The financial industry often have monolithic legacy backends, while paradigm shift in service-oriented architectures requires a flexible and independent infrastructure, e.g. Microservices. APIization and new regulatory frameworks help us to realize modern infrastructures and service platforms.

Data Engeneering

We utilize expertise from KI analytics and KI labs to create data driven environments, necessary to create an individual banking experience and required to build the banking products of the future. It also allows taking advantage of PSD2 and Access-to-account in order to create new banking experiences.

Artifical Intelligence

In collaboration with our data scientists at KI analytics, we translate our state-of-the-art algorithms into running software at scale. The tools are widely used in marketing, CRM, product development, business intelligence, and even data-driven software development.


We see Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies as one of the key technology revolutions for the financial industry. Together with our team at KI decentralized we create secure and highly scalable products and services and advise with our domain-specific knowledge and technological insights.

This is us

Steffen Braun
CEO KI group

Jens Kohnen
Managing Consultant

Sammar Keddo
Product Owner

Andrei Martchouk
Blockchain Evangelist

André Bajorat
Gründer, Business Angel

Want to be part in the future of finance?


We are constantly looking for people who can critically look at a problem and form their own conclusions. We care about your strong opinions, what business part you love and what you consider a dream job; we value diversity and strong minds. It is important for us if you can get the job done rather than your previous work experience, or what your last job title has been. We look for people who feel there is more they can do with their brain-power and knowledge.

Please find our career section to check out open positions. We are happy to hear from you: KI finance Career

Partners and investments


Our mission is to find the best solution available for any new business model and every new issue. This solution may emerge from within our own companies or from collaborating with our specialists network, comprising classic vendors, unicorns, young startups or single individuals. We screen trends, networks and technological developments consistently and extensively. We complement our global network continuously. We evaluate top provider’s performance and therefore always apply the most suitable solutions in our projects. Among others, we cooperate with the following partners.